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Sewing Machine Topper with Two Drawer Unit

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Our Price: £18.95
Made from 3mm Mdf this amazing Sewing machine Topper and drawer set is easy to assemble and is a real joy to decorate. Not only is it beautiful to look at, but makes an ideal little storage unit for your everyday sewing items. Great gift for a friend or loved one.

Kit includes : Parts for one Sewing Machine Topper, Two Drawer unit, pack of mdf sewing related embellishments - 2 Mannequins, 2 Pairs of scissors, 2 of each size of 3 designs of cotton reels, 2 Wooden 3D Cotton Reels and 1 embossed card ruler and two buttons with spacers for drawer knobs.

Size: when assembled, approximately 300mm x 160mm x 280mm